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Diamond Cut Alloys

Powder Coating

Why buy new alloys when we can repair them for a fraction of the cost?

Whether your wheels have suffered corrosion, kerb damage, scuffs or if you just fancy a colour change, Phoenix Alloys, Bristol are ready to provide you with our range of professional alloy wheel refurbishment services including; Powder Coating and Diamond Cutting. Our team can assess your wheels and give you the options available to get the desired finish you are looking for. 


At Phoenix we have one of Bristol and Bath’s first diamond cut alloy wheel lathe, which is the only way to properly refurbish/repair your diamond cut alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Diamond cutting alloy wheels produces a superior, shiny finish that is guaranteed to make any car stand out from the crowd. Most car manufacturers are now fitting diamond cut wheels as standard.

If you’re unsure what a diamond cut wheel looks like, the finish is similar to the surface of a CD, with very fine lines running around the circumference of the wheel. There is also a contrast between the finish on the face of the wheel and the spokes which are normally powder coated.

Diamond cutting alloy process

Diamond Cut Alloys

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced finishing process which is tough and durable.  It offers a decorative and protective coating which protects the alloy from heat, cold, grime, scratching, corrosion or bleaching.

Powder Coating your alloys will bring them back to life, whether it is alloy wheel customisation you're looking for, or refurbishing your alloys back to new.

Powder Coating

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