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How To Keep Your Alloys Clean

You have a set of Alloy wheels that you want to look after and keep shiny and new. But undoubtably wheels become dirty from everyday driving. The best way to keep them clean and looking their best is by following these steps.

Use a pressure washer, this is a great way to remove brake dust from the alloy wheel along with the surface dirt.

Choose wisely… Use an alloy wheel cleaner that will not attack the fresh powder coat on your wheels (nothing to acidic) and follow the instructions on the label. Normal car shampoo will remove the surface dirt and if washed regularly will be all you need.

Don’t forget for best results use alloy wheel wax which will really help protect your wheel just like wax does for your paintwork. It will prevent brake dust from sticking to the alloy. Remember to apply the wax every fortnight for the best results.

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Powder Flo
Powder Flo

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