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Keep Your Wheels in Top Condition With Alloy Wheel Repair

How well you maintain your vehicle’s wheels can make or break the overall look of your vehicle. If your wheels have been damaged, have surface scuffs or just aren’t shining like they used to, alloy wheel repair can restore them to their former glory and improve the look of your car at the same time. Alloy wheel repair services are affordable, and can be accomplished in as little as one day. To find out more about how alloy wheel repair can keep your wheels looking great, read on!

How to look after your alloy wheels

Remove scuffs from alloy wheels to maintain a quality look. You’ve spent money on your car, why not spend money on maintaining it? The best way to get those wheels looking like new is by using techniques such as diamond cut treatments or colour change refinishing. Cost effective ways to keep your wheels in top condition.

How they do it – the technique involved

Our experts at Phoenix can refurbish alloy wheels in a range of ways, depending on their condition. A common method is by removing scuffs and signs of damage, such as scrapes, scratches or chips. The process starts with a thorough inspection to see what else needs doing—for example, are there any dents that need to be fixed? They may also use various tools during maintenance—including power tools and diamond-tip cutting tools for deeper damage—which is affordable and gives effective results in a really professional finish.

Alloy wheel repair Phoenix Alloys
Alloy wheel repair Phoenix Alloys


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