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What is ADAS on my car?

ADAS calibration at Phoenix Alloys and Bodyshop

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration is the process of calibrating and adjusting the various sensors, cameras, and other electronic components that make up a vehicle's advanced safety features. These systems can include things like lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control.

During ADAS calibration, specialized equipment is used to ensure that these systems are functioning correctly and accurately. This may involve aligning and adjusting cameras, sensors, and other components to ensure that they are properly positioned and calibrated. In addition, the software and computer systems that control these features may also need to be calibrated to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

ADAS calibration is a critical process that helps to ensure that a vehicle's advanced safety features are working as they should. This can help to improve the overall safety of a vehicle and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. It is important to have ADAS calibration performed by trained and qualified technicians who have the proper tools and equipment to perform the job correctly.

If your car is involved in a collision we ensure we rectify the calibration to make the safety features work again.

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